Slant Power was developed to organize and host multiple web sites utilizing Google's free web applications and cloud services. The web site projects are developed as learning, experimentation and practice applications for various software, content development and business management tools. These projects provide a platform for learning and for developing content.
A rich Social Media orientation is specifically excluded from these efforts, as I am not the least bit interested. I deleted my Facebook account long ago. Social Media tools are integrated into these projects where the application of the tool leads to a better understanding of the capability and its impact.
Every time someone visits my Facebook page, Facebook gets paid. Every time someone visits my Google Sites page, I get paid.
Ad units are included, were practical, simply to support the annual cost of the domain name registration. Coincidentally, the Ad Revenue generated far exceeds that requirement.
This Slant Power Home Page simply provides a landing page to easily access the project pages. Follow the Navigation Links.
Future and under construction projects:
  • I will be developing a page to support mobile 24 hour live cam form my boat.
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